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At Tom PIT, we make advanced technology

We are dreamers and doers, equal parts corporate guru and ninja developer.
We are obsessed with innovative and sophisticated technology and solutions. We never sit still. We approach every day as a challenge to meet expectations, and then drive ourselves even higher.

Who uses Tom PIT?

Tom PIT is used by individuals, small companies and large corporations with a vision of unifying information infrastructure accross the entire organization and to centralize solutions.

Companies using Tom PIT experience faster implementation times, easier and low maintenance costs, and shorter learning curves. Companies with dedicated IT department are able to implement their own solutions on the same infrastructure as their solution providers.

Contact us
080 30 31 (Slovenia)
+386 30 206 706 (International)
Kidričeva 24a
3000 Celje


Tomaž Pipinič
Tomaž Pipinič
Chief Executive Officer

+386 31 642 277

Robert Orehek
Robert Orehek
Chief Business Development Officer

+386 31 564 764

Tjaša Marciuš
Tjaša Marciuš
Chief Information Officer

+386 40 161 622